Reduce Radon in New Homes

Even new homes in Minnesota can have elevated radon levels.  Even though these homes have construction practices that are intended to reduce radon levels.  All new homes in Minnesota should be tested for radon and if there are elevated levels, the levels can be easily reduced.

Passive Radon Resistant New Construction

In June 2009 the State of Minnesota building code changed to require passive Radon Resistant New Construction (RRNC).  The code requires:

  • a gravel or other permeable layer be installed under the concrete floor
  • the concrete foundation gaps and cracks be sealed
  • a PVC pipe run from below the basement floor, through the house and out the roof
  • an electrical connection for a radon fan

Passive RRNC at best can reduce radon levels by 50%, that still leaves a lot of new homes that have elevated radon levels.  These construction practices should be thought of as “ready to mitigate” homes, or “roughed in radon mitigation” homes, since the radon fan is what provides most of the radon reduction.

Active Radon Resistant New Construction

Active RRNC is a passive system that has the radon fan installed.  We install a fan and add a manometer which shows the system is working properly and provide a 5 year warranty on the fan. A charcoal test kit will be provided to conduct post activation testing.  The average cost to activate a passive system is $500 and we offer a discount if you and your neighbors have their fans installed the same day.