Radon Systems

Construction practices that are designed to reduce radon in buildings are called “Radon Mitigation Systems.”

Radon mitigation systems can be installed into existing homes to reduce the levels of radon.  The age, foundation and configuration of your home requires that each mitigation system be design to fit your home to ensure radon levels are reduced.

Existing Homes →

In homes that were built after a code change in 2009, have partial radon mitigation systems installed.  New homes can still have high radon levels even with these partial systems.

New Homes →

Radon mitigation systems move highly concentrated levels of radon through your home, radon pipes can be difficult to fit into existing homes and there needs to be modification to your homes electrical system.  For your safety and to reduce radon levels are much as possible, the quality of the radon mitigation system is important.

Quality Systems →

Reducing radon levels during a real estate transaction adds a time restriction.  We have multiple crews and we can offer priority mitigation for homes that are part of a real estate transaction.

Real Estate Transactions →

A typical radon system can be installed in one day and costs between $1300 and $1600.  Contact us to get a detailed estimate.