Radon Costs

The cost of radon services are dependent on the homes location and construction type, below are the average cost of our radon services:

Electronic Radon Testing: $175

We¬†uses Sun Nuclear 1027 CRM’s to professionally test homes and buildings, which gives us results in 48 hours.

Real Estate: RRI personal have Supra keys, making testing in real estate transactions an easy task.

Radon Reduction in 2009 or older homes: $1300 Р$1600

If elevated radon levels exist, a radon mitigation system should be installed to reduce levels. RRI can design and install a system in your home. It is our goal to reduce radon levels in your home as low as possible while being cost effective.

Radon Reduction in 2010 or newer homes: $400

Radon resistant new construction (RRNC) has been code in Minnesota since June of 2009. These homes have a passive radon system built in. If elevated radon levels are measured after construction is completed RRI will inspect the system, install a fan and add a manometer which shows the system is working properly and provide a 5 year warranty on the fan. A charcoal test kit will be provided to conduct post activation testing.

Pressure Field Testing: $125

PFE testing measures air flow below the slab to determine that proper air movement can be achieved from one or more suction points when designing a mitigation system. This is needed in many homes that lack a drain tile system. If a home fails PFE testing alternative types of systems may be recommended.