Radon Testing

There are two main categories of testing based on the length of the test.  Short-term tests are any test that is shorter then 90 days, usually 2 to 7 days.  Long-term tests are any test that is 90 days or longer.

Short-Term Testing

There are two main types of short-term testing, electronic and mail-in.  Electronic testing is completed by a certified radon testing professional and the test results are available immediately after the radon testing period.  Since the results are available immediately this is the best type of testing for real estate transactions.

Mail in kits, often referred to as “DIY kits,” can be completed by anyone.  Discounted DIY radon test kits can be purchased directly from AirChek or through Hennepin County.  These kits are set out for the testing period, then packaged up and sent to a laboratory for analysis.  The lab will determine the amount of radon in the kit and send you the result.

Long-Term Testing

Long-term test are of the mail-in type, since they require a longer testing period than most electronic testing equipment can provide.  Discounted long-term radon test kits can be purchased directly from Landauer (with promo code: MN4RADON), RSSI or from Hennepin County. The most common type of long term test is a “alpha track” test.  These test kits have a small piece of plastic in them that gets damaged by the radioactive radon gas.  The kits are sent to a lab to determine the amount of damage caused during the testing period and the average radon level that would cause this damage.  Since radon can damage plastic, imagine what it can do to the inside of your lungs.