Quality Systems

Quality radon systems are important to us since we want our systems to last the lifetime of your home.  Here are a few of the many things we do to ensure your radon system is effective, durable and efficient.

Licensed Electrician

We use licensed electricians on every job to ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical system.  We also use the same electricians on every job so that we know and can guarantee the quality of their work.

Firestop Collars

Anytime we pass through a firewall we install a fire collar.  Fire collars are important because the PVC pipe creates a hole that could allow fire to spread through your home.  The fire collar is made of a material that will expand during a fire, crush the pipe and seal the hole.

Pressure Field Extension

Pressure Field Extension (PFE) is the testing of air flow underneath your home.  Some soils do not allow air to flow easily or sometimes there are multiple foundations that stop air flow.  PFE testing allows us to determine from where and how much air flow we can get to the radon system.  This testing allows us to design a system that will reduce radon levels.

Backdraft Testing

Backdrafting is when a combustion appliances’ exhaust is drawn back into your home.  This exhaust can create elevated Carbon Monoxide levels in your home that can be life threatening.  Since radon systems can have the potential to remove air from your home it is important that your combustion appliance(s) are tested for backdrafting.