About Us

Serving the Minneapolis Metro area, we are committed to making every radon mitigation system we install the best performing system that we can create — balancing the maximum radon reduction achievable with install and energy costs also in mind. This is why each system is uniquely designed during an onsite visit. This is how it works:

  1. Test your home for radon gas
  2. Request a mitigation estimate if levels are higher than recommended
  3. Schedule home visit to design and quote mitigation system
    • If this is a real estate transaction, we have access to homes the same way a Real Estate agent would so you do not need to meet us — we will email or call you with the estimate.
    • Here is an example radon mitigation system bid.
  1. Schedule radon mitigation installation
    • We do multiple jobs daily so we can meet most timelines!
  1. Follow-up testing after installation 
    • To verify radon levels have declined, we perform electronic radon testing to understand how well the system is working as soon as 72 hours after installation is complete.

Company Background

Radon Reduction Inc. (RRI) was formalized and incorporated in 2006.  RRI was started with the sole purpose to focus on the radon industry in Minnesota by providing radon testing and radon reduction systems.  Prior to that Gary Vaness had radon as a smaller piece of his business.

Jake Vaness – President

Jake has a Business Degree from the University of Minnesota that he uses to manage the day to day operations of the company.  Jake has been installing systems since the company was founded and he became a lead installer in 2009, when he was certified in radon testing and mitigation.  In 2014 Jake received the Minnesota Department of Health Advanced Diagnostics designation.

Gary Vaness – Vice President

Gary has been working in the construction industry since 1981.  From 1981 to 1995 he owned a general contracting company that focused on new construction and remodeling.  In 1995 Gary made the transition from a full time contractor to a pre-purchase home inspector.  In 1996 he became certified in Radon testing and offered that as a service to his home inspection customers.  In 2014 Gary decided to close his home inspection business to focus solely on RRI.

Gary has been certified in radon mitigation since 2006; and has held the Minnesota Department of Health Advanced Diagnostics designation since its beginning.


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