Radon Mitigation System Pipe Routing

Pipe routing can be either on the inside or outside of your home.

Interior Pipe Routing

An interior system is preferable since the systems stays warm and is less likely to get damaged.  These two things make it a more durable system.  Pipes can be routed through closets, attached garages, old furnace vents and many other locations.  During your estimate we will work with you to determine the best pipe route for your home.


Exterior Pipe Routing

When there is no option for an interior pipe route we do our best to keep the exterior radon pipe in a hidden location.  We also look for locations where the pipe will be shielded from the weather.


Performance Indicator

Every system we install as a u-tube, which indicates the air pressure in the pipe.  These show if the fan is working or not.  If the two sides of the colored fluid are the same height, that means that the fan stopped working.  We provide a reminder sticker along with our contact information if case you ever need to contact us.