Pipe Venting

The end of the radon vent pipe should be at least 10 feet from windows, doors and other entry into your home.  This is to ensure that the radon levels are diluted before they have an opportunity to re-enter your home.  Depending on your roofing material and the color of your plumbing pipes, will determine the type of radon vent that is installed.


Vent Pipe Installation

Radon vents can still be installed in the winter and we use extra safety precautions to ensure we can install your radon system safely.  We use hook landers to ensure we have good footing and can take our time to install the system properly.


We cut a hole in your roof to allow the pipe to pass through.


We use no-caulk roof boots to create a weather tight seal over the hole that we created.


The radon pipe is inserted through the boot.  The radon pipe is leveled and then the boot is nailed down.  The no-caulk boots do not require any sealing but we choose to apply a spray-on sealant over the nails.


Under the roof boot we are left with a clean hole that is weather tight.


Other vent pipe Options

Black Pipe


White Pipe


Wood Shingle Roofs