Radon and Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions are already stressful and radon should never be a deal breaker.  We offer unique services for radon in real estate transactions to ensure that we do not add stress to the transaction.

Test for Radon before you Buy

Radon testing is completed by our nationally Certified Radon Professionals to ensure you have an accurate radon test.  Electronic radon testing devices have tamper resistant features to ensure that the test was valid and accurate.  Radon testing can be completed in as little as 48hrs and results are available immediately.  We have supra keys so that we can use the lock box to conduct our testing.  We also offer priority testing for real estate transactions so that we complete testing during your inspection time.

Reduce Radon before you Move

We offer priority radon mitigation for homes that have a signed purchase agreement.  We do this to ensure that we can have the radon levels reduced before closing.  We pride ourselves on quality radon systems and advanced installation techniques to maximize the reduction in radon.

Reduce Radon before you Sell

The Minnesota Radon Awareness Act requires that sellers disclose any radon testing that has been completed.  It also requires that all potential buyers be educated about radon and the risks of getting lung cancer from radon.  Buyers are more educated about radon than any time in the past.  Reducing radon levels in your home before you sell can make your home more marketable or reduce the surprise of elevated radon levels during a home inspection.