Qualified Radon Testing

Hiring a radon tester to test your home for radon is not an easy task…  Like everything else that you do with your home, it can be complicated.  There are 3 things to look for when hiring someone to test your home for radon.  We hope that knowing these 3 things will not only improve your confidence but also your knowledge about radon!

There are 3 basic (pivotal) things a tester should have:

  1. The tester should be nationally certified.  A person within a company, not just the company, MUST be certified to place and pick up the testing devices.  You can verify their radon measurement certification here.  All our testers are nationally certified and we encourage you to check!
  2. The testing device needs to be calibrated every year, which means the calibration date MUST not be more then one year prior to the end of testing.  There MUST be a sticker on the testing device and the tester MUST be able to provide a calibration certificate.  Below is an example a test certificate and a calibration sticker (note the sticker is out of date) and the certificate of calibration MUST match the serial number of the testing device used.
  3. The radon testing company should have enough certified testing professionals and calibrated devices to meet your testing needs.  Usually this is the only thing homebuyers consider when getting their new home tested during a real estate transaction.  This is the last thing that should be considered.

We can meet all three needs: we have multiple trained professional, multiple devices that are ready for testing (calibrated), therefore we can meet all of your radon testing needs.