St Louis Park – 04/31/2015

Location: St Louis Park, MN

Cost: $1350

Initial Radon Level: 9.0 pCi/L

Post Mitigation Radon Level: 0.5 pCi/L

Since this home did not have drain tile we did pressure field extension testing.  Which is really just testing if we can get air to flow underneath the basement floor.


Since we could get adequate airflow under the floor, we installed a radon mitigation system with one suction point.  The radon pipe goes out the rim joist and into the garage.


In the garage, fire collars are installed on each end of the pipe and a u-tube manometer is installed.  The fire collars prevent the spread of fire and the u-tube indicates that the radon fan is running.  The electrical connection in the garage attic was provided by a licensed electrician.


A black radon pipe was used to match the other vents already on the roof.


Once the system was completed a backdraft test of the water heater was conducted.  This test is done to make sure that the water heater still vents after the radon mitigation system is running.


We were able to complete this project on time and reduce the radon levels. If you need your home tested for radon or a radon mitigation system installed to reduce your radon levels, please don’t wait to protect yourself and your family, contact us now.