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Radon Mitigation System – 02/14/18

Location: Shakopee, MN Cost: $1575 Initial Radon Level:  24.0 pCi/L Post Mitigation Radon Level: 0.8 pCi/L To follow up on our last post “our house is complicated” we decided to select a house that if not properly designed would be complicated.  Based on how this house was built if the radon mitigation system was installed improperly it could create a carbon monoxide problem. … Read more → about Radon Mitigation System – 02/14/18

Shakopee – 06/19/2015

Location: Shakopee, MN Cost: $1425 Initial Radon Level: 5.5 pCi/L Post Mitigation Radon Level: 0.5 pCi/L Another typical system: Sealed Sump Basket Radon Pipe into Garage Radon Fan in Garage Attic Radon Vent out Garage Roof We were able to complete this project on time and reduce the radon levels. If you need your home tested for radon or a radon mitigation system installed to… Read more → about Shakopee – 06/19/2015