Radon Mitigation System 04-18-2019

Location: Prior Lake, MN

Cost: $1775

Initial Radon Level:  4.6 pCi/L

Post Mitigation Radon Level: 1.9 pCi/L

Ensuring that the air leaks in the floor are sealed is needed to ensure that a radon mitigation system works as best as possible. So we started by sealing the sump basket to ensure we do not take air from the basement.

The radon suction pit is important to ensure the best collection of radon from the air beneath the floor. We ensure that each system is customized to the needs of the house. From the suction pit, the radon vent pipe goes out into the garage.

In the garage it is important to have fire collars on both ends of the radon vent pipe. This will ensure if there is fire in the garage it will not easily spread to the house. The u-tube is also mounted in the garage to make it easy to monitor if the radon system is working.

Sometimes there is not access to garage attics, in those cases we build a new access so the radon fan can be accessed easily.

The radon fan should always be located in an unconditioned space to ensure no leakage of radon into the home. All electrical connections should be installed by licensed electricians.

We match the radon vent to match the same color as the rest of the pipes that exit the roof.

We were able to complete this project on time and reduce the radon levels. If you need your home tested for radon or a radon mitigation system installed to reduce your radon levels, please don’t wait to protect yourself and your family, contact us now.