Radon Mitigation System 05-03-2019

Location: Plymouth, MN

Cost: $1525

Initial Radon Level:  4.6 pCi/L

Post Mitigation Radon Level: 0.3 pCi/L

Sealing the points of entry for radon into the basement is the start of an effective radon system. We sealed the sump basket and added a view port so that you can see into the sump. Homes with sump baskets and drain tile are the most efficient radon mitigation systems. They can also create other problems in the home if they are not installed properly. This happens when there is not adequate sealing and the radon mitigation system takes too much air from the basement.

From there we route the radon vent pipe out into the garage so that we can ensure that the radon mitigation fan is in an unconditioned space. The yellow sticker on the pipe indicates that its a radon mitigation system. We label the system on every floor to ensure any future work on the home doesn’t use the vent pipe for another purpose.

When entering and exiting the garage with the radon vent pipe we are going through a firewall. It is very important that fire collars, the red rings around the pipe, are installed to ensure the integrity of the fire barrier. We also mounted the u-tube in the garage so that its easy to monitor.

The radon fan is located in the garage attic since it is not a conditioned space that could allow radon to re-enter the house.

The radon vent pipe going out the roof is matched to the rest of the pipes on the roof.

We were able to complete this project on time and reduce the radon levels. If you need your home tested for radon or a radon mitigation system installed to reduce your radon levels, please don’t wait to protect yourself and your family, contact us now.