MDH Questions and Answers

The Minnesota Department of Health has questions on their website that they believe you should ask of every radon contractor that  you are interested in hiring.  We get asked these a lot so we are providing them here ahead of time.


Will the contractor perform diagnostics to determine the suction point location and correct pipe and fan sizes?

We earned the Advanced Diagnostics designation from the Minnesota Department of Health, for our ability to custom design systems to each house.  We have the expertise and equipment on every job to preform pressure field extension testing.


Who is responsible for obtaining permits, if required?

If permits are required by your city, we pull the permits.  We request that you are available for the city inspector to inspect our work.


Will a contract be provided?

We provide written estimates and contracts for all our jobs.


Who will do the licensed electrical work?

We use a licensed electrician on every radon mitigation system, that requires new electrical.  We do not have any electricians on staff and use a contractor that we work with every day.  If you have other electrical work, our electrician would be happy to give you an estimate and complete the work at the same time.


Is there a warranty on materials or the workmanship? If so, for how long? Do they warranty system performance?

We have a warranty on our work and system performance for 5 years.


How will the system be evaluated?

We do an electronic radon test after every job.


Will the contractor offer the homeowner training in the radon mitigation system operations and/or troubleshooting?

During our final walkthrough, when the system is completed, we go through how your system was installed and functions.  We also have resources on our website if you need to refresh after we have completed the installation.


Will the contractor guarantee that radon levels will be brought to below the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recommended action level of 4.0 pCi/L?

Yes, we visit every home before we give an estimate so that we can ensure that we can guarantee the level to be below 4.0 pCi/L.


What will the contractor do if post mitigation radon levels are not below the EPA’s recommended action level?

If the levels are not below the guaranteed level, we will return to your home to do more diagnostics testing.  This can include pressure field extension testing or numerous radon tests.  After this diagnostics we will determine the updates needed to the system, e.g. larger radon fan, another suction pit, more advanced sealing, etc.


Can the contractor provide a list of references and their individual certification number?

We can provide reference upon request.  Our certification numbers are listed on every estimate that we provide and on our company background.  We also have reviews on Facebook and Google for you to review.


Is the quoted price guaranteed?

The price quoted on our estimate is the guaranteed price to reduce levels below the guaranteed level.