Reducing radon during a real estate transaction

We are your best choice for installing a radon mitigation system during a real estate transaction.  We can meet almost any deadline.  Contact us today!


  1. Visit every home before we give an estimate, so that we can ensure that we reduce your radon levels effectively and quickly.
  2. We have supra keys and access to schedule showings.  That means we don’t have to have the seller or real estate agent meet us at the house to let us in.
  3. Give priority scheduling to homes with a signed purchase agreement.  That way we can fit your installation in before closing.
  4. Have 2 of the 26 advanced diagnostic radon contractors listed by the Minnesota department of health.  This means that we have the best trained and qualified radon mitigation installers in the state of Minnesota.
  5. Conduct electronic radon testing after every mitigation system that we install.  That means that you will have results within 72 hours after the system has been installed.

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