Eden Prairie – 03/20/2015

Location: Eden Prairie, MN

Cost: $1600

Initial Radon Level: 4.5 pCi/L

Post Mitigation Radon Level: 0.3 pCi/L

Storage rooms are not always the best place for a radon mitigation system but we can install them when needed.  On all our systems we take the time to make clean holes for the radon mitigation piping to navigate its way way through shelving.

We sealed the current sump basket lid and added a view port.  We always add view ports on sump lids so that you can see the water level and have easy access if you need to reset the pump.


The suction pit was connected to the drain tile to ensure that the maximum amount of radon is removed from the soil.  We spend extra time to make sure that the system looks as good as it functions, so each shelf is has a clean hole for the pipe to go through.


The pipe continues into garage where a fire collar is installed on both ends.  These collars are required by code and are an important safety measure to stop the spread of a fire.


The radon fan is located in the garage attic and the electrical connection was supplied by a licensed electrician.  A white radon vent was installed to match the other plumbing vents already installed.



We were able to complete this project on time and reduce the radon levels. If you need your home tested for radon or a radon mitigation system installed to reduce your radon levels, please don’t wait to protect yourself and your family, contact us now.